Instructor Members

The membership of Pekiti-Tirsia Canada are recognized and certified instructors of Pekiti-Tirsia System of Kali (“PTK”) who are Canadian residents. These instructors work through and with Pekiti-Tirsia Canada to practice, advance, and promote PTK in Canada. Members’ rank is approved and certified by the Tuhon Council of PTK Canada.

See Benefits of Membership for details.

If you currently hold a recognized rank in PTK, are currently a resident of Canada, are over the age of majority for your province, then you are invited to make application for membership in PTK Canada.

The Board of Directors will review your application and may request additional documentation or provide details to you prior to granting membership and certifying your rank. Due to differences in ranking structures and standards across the PTK community, PTK Canada reserves the right to assess applicants against current standards and requirements prior to certifying to a given rank.

Certifications of PTK Canada Instructor members are authorized by the 6 member Tuhon Council of PTK Canada.

Cost is $25 CAD annually – you will be invoiced after your application has been accepted.

Apply to PTK Canada as an existing certified instructor

Student Members

As of Oct 2021, students of PTK Canada Instructor members are not yet eligible for membership in PTK Canada. Please speak with your instructor about joining PTK Canada in the future.

Associate Members

Groups, organizations, or schools who are interested in joining PTK Canada in order to support and participate in the activities of PTK Canada may join as an Envoy member. The groups must be based in Canada and have the majority of their activity or business in Canada. The group must have a sponsor on the Tuhon Council of PTK Canada.

The Board of Directors of PTK Canada will review Envoy applications and consider them in context of the relevance to PTK Canada. Envoy memberships are intended to facilitate specific relationships, activities and projects between groups and PTK Canada members.

For more information on becoming a member of PTK Canada, send email to or visit us on Facebook.