Instructors and schools for Pekiti-Tirsia System of Kali (PTK) are found across Canada.

Foremost is Mandala Tuhon (12th hagdan) Philip Gelinas, head of the Council of Tuhons and Canada’s national director for Pekiti-Tirsia Kali Canada. He has over 40 years continuous training with Grand Tuhon Gaje (since 1981) and is the world’s most advanced and knowledgeable leader in PTK actively fighting and training today.

Tuhon Philip is based in Montreal, Quebec and offers seminars around the world.

See below for the tuhons, directors, and instructors of Pekiti-Tirsia Canada (marked ), as well as other instructors and associates of PTK, and their respective schools in your province. Request more information through the Contact page.



  • Filipino Martial Arts Canada
    • Marvin Ishmael (Instructor)
    • Quent Ferdie Roxas (Instructor)
    • Josy Fierro-Roxas (Assistant Instructor)
  • Stavros Kryakakis (Instructor)


  • Pekiti Tirsia Kali Alberta
    • Herald Casana (Tuhon, Director, Instructor)
    • D.J. Kennedy (Instructor)
    • Michael Law (Instructor)
    • Doug McLeod (Instructor)
    • Edgardo Porquez (Instructor)
    • Peter Codizal ( Instructor)
    • Oliver Salvador (Instructor)
    • Janelle Johnson (Assistant Instructor)


  • Daryn Hubbard (Instructor)

Atlantic Provinces

Nova Scotia

British Columbia


  • James Bryndza (Assistant Instructor)

Valemount (Central BC)

  • maelstrøm North
    • Mike Austin (Assistant Instructor)


  • maelstrøm Martial Arts at Academie Duello
    • Dan Evans (Assistant Instructor)
    • Zack Garcia (Instructor)
    • Chris Goard (Instructor)
    • Michael Gutierrez (Instructor)
    • Mario Loubert (Assistant Instructor)
    • Stas Malychev (Instructor)
    • Nathalie Prevost (Instructor)
    • Brett Simms (Instructor)
    • Danielle Szredni (Assistant Instructor)
    • Edwin Tam (Instructor)
    • Claire Wen (Assistant Instructor)

Victoria (Vancouver Island)



  • Kaka Manlapaz (Instructor)

NWT and Yukon



  • Pekiti Tirsia Kali Trillium
    • Michel Doiron (Tuhon, Instructor)
    • Justin Grant (Instructor)
  • Shifu Kanishka Combatives (SKC) Ottawa
    • Amit Tungare (Assistant Instructor)


  • Kombat Arts Training Academy
    • Dave Bandianon (Assistant Instructor)
    • Martin Duncan ( Assistant Instructor)
    • Tyler Morin (Tuhon, Director, Instructor)
    • Justin Patricio-Fernando (Assistant Instructor)
  • Pekiti Tirsia Tactics
    • Chris Mandigma (Associate)
    • Paulo Rubio (Assistant Instructor)
  • Progressive Combative Arts (Aurora)
    • Monica Pap (Instructor)



  • Gelinas Academy of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA)
    • Philip Gelinas (Tuhon, Director, Instructor)
    • Tony Chana (Instructor)
    • Kevin Kelsall (Instructor)
    • Hoang Minh Pham (Instructor)
    • Peter Morin (Assistant Instructor)
    • Matthew Poulin (Assistant Instructor)
    • John Tsitsopoulos (Assistant Instructor)
    • Christian Labbe (Assistant instructor)
    • Matthew Dykstra (Associate)
  • Pekiti-Tirsia Black Flag
    • Sebastien Poirier (Instructor)
  • Fight To Win
    • Matthew Dykstra (Assistant Instructor)
  • Safa Chamli (Assistant Instructor)



  • Pekiti Full Circle
    • Eddie Panamaroff (Associate)
  • PTK School of Martial Arts Saskatchewan
    • Jay Saludo (Tuhon, Instructor)
    • Michael Shivak ( Instructor)
    • Jesse Jackson (Instructor)
    • Arnel Orcullo (Instructor)
    • Iain Rose (Assistant Instructor)