Benefits of Instructor Membership

For the Instructor Member of PTK Canada, the following benefits are available:

  • National recognition from Canada’s Tuhon Council
  • Free training at all PTK Canada locations
  • Discounts for PTK Canada events, seminars
  • High-value member services – email address, account, unlimited cloud storage
  • Access to Zoom, PayPal, Docusign services
  • Discounts on bulk training equipment purchases
  • Invitation to advanced instructor-only training events in Canada

In addition, as they are made available, Instructor Members will have access to

  • Training materials, curriculum, guidance (as made available)
  • PTK Canada certification and advancement
  • Additional PTK Canada member services
  • Invitation to the Annual General Meeting and annual PTK Canada training conference
  • Participation in PTK Canada committees, events (local and national)
  • Support from PTK Canada for your own events, activities
  • Promotion of your activities via PTK Canada marketing channels
  • Access by your students to PTK Canada membership and student resources

Through its partner Monsoon Society, PTK Canada provides members with:

  • Member email accounts
  • Access to members services
    • Docusign, Zoom, PayPal, Google Suite
  • Unlimited online storage (gDrive) through PTK Canada account
    • Permission controlled, secure storage
  • Access to training materials (under development)
    • Student training references
    • Training videos
    • Online classes
    • Historical documentation
    • Guides, handbooks, organization materials

PTK Canada Instructor Members also have access to other Instructor Members and members of the Tuhon Council via forums, direct communications, in-person training, privates and seminars.  And Members can participate in the organization – vote for Directors of the Board or stand to serve on the Board themselves, or join a committee, or host a PTK Canada event.

Also, members of PTK Canada are also members of the Monsoon Society. As such, they can submit proposals for funding and support through the PTK Board of Directors for events like training seminars, online streaming, and other activities that promote PTK and other SE Asian martial arts.